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S. Yu. Karateeva

The use of ozone therapy in the course of a complex treatment of diabetes mellitus patients with pioinflammatory processes has a pronounced therapeutic effect and prevents the development of relapse and complications of the disease, that promotes a greatly significant improvement of the immediate and remote results of the treatment of this pathology.

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L. M. Suschenko

In the paper brief description of history of ozonotherapy and its use in modern medicine is given. The basic methods of introduction of ozone and its medicines in human organism are described. Own researches of the author in application of ozone containing medicines for treatment of parodontits and alveolities are presented. The carried out researches suggest that use of preparation “Ozonid” at inflammatory diseases of oral cavity mucosa allows carrying out of effective and relatively fast treatment.

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A. V. Koval

Odessa State Medical University

There was shown high efficiency of root canal treatment with ozone/oxygen mixture, which was entered measured in the channel with the help of special tip and was taken out with a special endosuction, preventing ozone excre- tion beyond root apex.

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A. V. Koval

Odessa State Medical University

It was shown the high effectiveness of ozone-oxygen mixture during the disinfection of root canals during treat- ment of chronic granulous apical periodontitis. It was evaluated by activity of urease of exudate from root canals, that integrally characterized their microbial contamination.

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O. V. Koval, O. V. Denga

Odessa State Medical University

It is shown that the use of metered by means of special instruments of the ozone-oxygen mixture for the treatment of root canals with chronic granulomatous periodontitis to prevent recurrence, to achieve 90 % elimination of mi- crobial factors that significantly improve the dental status of the patient.

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Prokopchuk Yu.V.

A dissertation for a scientific degree of candidate of medical sciences in speciality 14.01.03 -Medical rehabilitation, physiotherapy and balneology. -Ukrainian Research institute of medical rehabilitation and balneology MH of Ukraine, Odessa, 2005.

The dissertation covers the clinical and pathogenetic substantiation of using ozone therapy in complex rehabilitation treatment of patients with ulcerous disease of the duodenum with the purpose of increasing efficacy of therapy and prevention of recurrences of ulcer formation.
There was studied efficacy and established peculiarities of different techniques of ozone therapy (internal intake of ozonized water, small autohemotherapy of ozone oxygen mixture) at the rehabilitation stage in 120 patients with ulcerous disease of the duodenum on the basis of results of complex clinical, laboratory and instrumental examinations.
It is proved that application of ozone therapy increases significantly the efficacy of rehabilitation treatment causing regress of pain, dyspeptic and asthenovegetative syndromes, palpation tenderness, enhancing healing of the ulcerous defect, increasing eradication of helicobacter pilori, prolonging the period of clinical remission and reducing the posteradication manifestations. The therapeutic effect of medicinal complexes with the use of ozone therapy is based on activation of trophic mechanisms and enhancing of reparative processes in the mucous membrane of the gastroduodenal area.

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Tikhonchuk N.S.

Thesis for a candidate scientific degree by speciality 14.01.33 -Kurortology and physiotherapy. -Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute for Medical Rehabilitation and Kurortology, Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Odessa, 2007.

The dissertation is devoted to development of new approach in treatment of patients with mitral heart disease against a background of chronic rheumatic heart disease, which based on the complex application of medicines, ozonetherapy and low-frequency magnetic field. The complex treatment possessed the antiinflammatory effect, caused positive influence on structural and geometric heart indicators, rendering the cardiac reparation processes, increased the distance of the 6-minute walk test in average on 17,7%. The adoption of suggested treatment ranges corrected the lipoperoxidative processes increasing the antioxidative activity of the plasma and erythrocytes, asisted dinimishing events of repeated hospitalizations, decreased the medicinal loading and events of undesirable reactions. The most steadfast effect was achieved in the way of using of the integrated application of ozone therapy and low-frequency magnetic field against a background of medicinal treatment.

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Korotayeva V.A.

Thesis for a candidate scientific degree by speciality 14.01.33 Kurortology and physiotherapy. Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute for Medical Rehabilitation and Kurortology, Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Odessa, 2007.

The dissertation is devoted to development of new approach in treatment of patients with essential arterial hypertension, which based on the complex application of medicinal, ozone therapy and electric sleep as a method of the electrotherapy. The complex rehabilitation treatment possesses the antihypertensive effect decreasing the pharmacological therapy and events of undesirable actions, one positively influences on the systolic and diastolic function of left ventricle rendering the cardiac reparation processes, one has to increasing the power of physical loads in average on 24%, the correction of lipoperoxidative processes increasing the antioxidative activity, one declines the concentration of adrenalin and noradrenalin in blood, the content of intracellular calcium, diminishing events of hypertensive crises on 17% and repeated hospitalizations on 20% by comparison to the group of placebo and decreases the medicinal loading.

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Klohcko V.V.

The dissertation to get the scientific degree for the candidate of Medical Sciences in the specialty 14.01.33 – Rehabilitation medicine, Physiotherapy and Balneology. – Ukrainian scientific research institute of medial rehabilitation and balneology. Odessa, 2010.

New approaches in treatment of patient with hypertensive illness with isolated systolic arterial hypertension at the elderly age, based on using together with medicamentous therapy of ozonotherapy and low-frequency magnetotherapy were developed. 160 patients with hypertensive disease of the I-II degree with isolated systolic arterial hypertension taking intoaccount a condition of endothelium, structural and mechanical properties of a vascular wall, structure-geometrical, mass, functional and electrophysiologic indices of heart were examined. It was established, that ozonotherapy had antihypertensive action, contributed the decrease in medicamentous load, correction of endothelial dysfunction, improvement of elastic properties of aorta, regression of arterial wall pathologic change and pathological cardiomodelling. Low-frequency magnetotherapy favorably influences the indices of arterial pressure, structure-geometrical, mass, functional and electrophysiologic indices of heart. Including ozonotherapy into the complex restorative therapy of the specified contingent of patients increases antihypertensive, angioprotective and cardioprotective efficiency of therapy. Due to the absence of endothelial dysfunction, the presence of contra-indications to ozonotherapy or to the development of side-effect with goal of enhancing antihypertensive efficiency and cardioprotection the specified contingent is indicated the including into the complex restorative treatment with low-frequency magnetotherapy. Repeated courses of ozonotherapy promote the support for achieved indices and can be recommended not rarely as once for six months.

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The urgency of the problem of tuberculosis and its epidemiology are shown. The findings of experimental and clinical investigation of ozonized physiological saline solution efficacy in treatment of destructive pulmonary tuberculosis are presented.

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Zadorozhny A.A.

Odessa National Medical University. Odessa

In the last decade in Ukraine the number of women of reproductive age with pulmonary tuberculosis increases. This pathology complicates the course of pregnancy and labours, the state of fetus and newborn, so today, tuberculosis and pregnancy is not only medical but also social problem.
Objective: to reduce maternal and perinatal complications in women with active pulmonary tuberculosis complicated with iron deficiency anemia by the use of “Tivortin”, “Guinot tardiferon” and ozone therapy in the treatment of dysfunctions of feto placental complex.
Application of the complex scheme, mentioned above, improvesthe state of mother and fetus, improves indexes of acid base state of blood, hormones of the fetoplacental complex and fetal biophysical profile.

O. Otchych

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv 4, Hrushevskyi St., Lviv 79005, Ukrainee
mail: oksanaotchych@gmail.com

In the article considers the physico-chemical properties of ozone and ozonized solu- tions, biological aspects and mechanism of action on blood cells. Analyzed and summarized the results of modern research on the use of ozone in biology and medicine.

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Slavcho Rakovsky1, Metody Anachkov1 and Gennady Zaikov2
1 Institute of Catalysis, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria
2 N. M. Emanuel Institute of Biochemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences,
119334 Moscow, Russia; chembio@sky.chph.ras.ru


The powerful oxidative action of ozone provides basis for development of novel or improved technologies which are widely used in ecology and industry.

Special attention is paid to purification of waste gases, water, and soils. The disinfection and cleaning of drinking and process water are considered in detail.

Applications of ozone in chemical, pharmaceutical and perfume industries, cosmetics, cellulose, paper and sugar industries, flotation, microelectronics, and many others are also examined in the review.

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S.P.Pol`ova , O.M.Rotar
Bukovinian State Medical University (Chernivtsi)

The paper studies the effect of local ozone therapy on the intensity of systemic and local proteolysis in women with chronic inflammatory diseases of the uterine appendages who were applied the laparoscopic method of diagnostics and treatment. It has been found out that the blood plasma proteolytic activity enhances in women with a chronic inflammation of the genitals at the expense of an elevated intensity of the lysis of low- and high molecular weight proteins. The use of ozone therapy in holiatry diminishes and normalizes a plasmatic and proteolytic breakdown of low- and high molecular weight proteins, the latter being conducive to a speedier recovery of patients.

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S.P.Pol`ova , O.M.Rotar
Bukovinian State Medical University (Chernivtsi)

The data of complex therapy of chronic inflammatory diseases of adnexa of women’s genitals with the application of ozone therapy are given in the article. The positive influence of ozonetherapy on the intensity of plasmic local fibrinolysis with women having chronic inflammatory diseases of internal genitals is illustrated. It has been ascertained that the high fermentative fibrinolytic activity conditioned by ozone provides lyses of sediment of fibrin and prevents from the formation of adhesions and fibrogenesis in adnexa of vagina.

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