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The International Association of Therapists Using Medical Gases (IAMGT) was established as the successor of the Asian-European Union of Ozone Therapists and registered as such in Ukraine on February 12, 2020 in Odessa.

The management of the Association is decentralized and is carried out on the basis of an annual rotation of the office of the President. Persons who have served as president are included in the Council of Vice Presidents of the Association and receive a privileged position in the Association when making decisions.

The Association functions with the aim of:

  • protecting the professional interests of the members of the Association;
  • improving communication between members of the Association, exchange of experience and information;
  • the development of medical gas therapy;
  • assistance in realizing the potential and initiatives of the members of the Association;
  • development of scientific and practical base;
  • development of recommendations for treatment and prevention;
  • introduction of modern technologies;
  • advanced training of members of the Association;
  • informing doctors and patients about the therapeutic features of medical gases;
  • organizing and conducting scientific seminars for specialists;
  • support and coordination of industry events in the medical field around the world;
  • organization of information tours for doctors to clinics in Ukraine and the world;
  • receiving feedback from members of the Association and partners;
  • tracking the needs of the medical community;
  • disseminating information on medical gas treatment in the international community;
  • raising awareness about medical gas treatment and prevention among government officials, the media and the general public.

Members of the Association have the right:

  • elect and be elected to the statutory and governing bodies of the Association, receive information about their work and the work of the Association;
  • take part in all events held by the Association;
  • use all types of assistance and support provided by the Association;
  • make proposals to the governing bodies of the Association to improve their activities;
  • promote the development of priority directions for treatment and prevention with medical gases;
  • study modern achievements in the field of gas therapy;
  • take part in the development and deepening of diversified cooperation with international organizations, scientists and public figures, including from the CIS countries;
  • take part in scientific research and development of practical recommendations in the field of medical gas treatment;
  • take part in clinical trials of medical equipment and treatment methods that use medical gases;
  • publish articles and scientific works with public and informational support of the members of the Association;
  • take part in the activities of the Association with the right to vote;
  • represent the Association at international events (congresses, conferences, etc.).

Members of the Association are obliged to:

  • follow the Charter;
  • comply with the decisions of the governing and supervisory bodies of the Association;
  • take a direct active part in work to achieve a common goal;
  • timely (in the period from 01.01 to 01.03) pay membership fees, the amount of which is determined by the Board of the Association;
  • not to allow actions or omissions that damage the authority and reputation of the Association.

Privileges for members of the Association:

  • special price for participation in mass events (conferences, forums, round tables, seminars, webinars, trainings, symposia, master classes), where the Association acts as a partner and/or co-organizer of the event;
  • the opportunity to participate in international conferences as part of the delegation of the Association;
  • individual information about the events of the Association;
  • consulting support when booking air and railway tickets, hotel rooms and other things, for participation in events;
  • use of the website and social networks of the Association for the publication of scientific materials / advertising after the implementation of moderation;
  • the opportunity to participate in educational and information programs to improve the qualifications of relevant specialists;
  • use of services available exclusively to members of the Association, namely: participation in closed meetings with heads of clinics, manufacturers of medical equipment; participation in working groups for the preparation of legislative acts, clinical protocols;
  • the opportunity to defend their rights and protect interests in the central executive / legislative authorities with the participation and support of the Association;
  • constant methodological support of the Association in the field of using medical gases.

The procedure for admission to the Members of the Association

Admission of members and termination of their membership is carried out by the Board of the Association.

A legal entity wishing to become a member of the Association, after filling out an online application form, approving the Board and paying a membership fee, submits the following package of documents:

  • a certified copy of an extract from the state register about registration;
  • a certified copy of the decision of the authorized body of the legal entity about the intention to join the Association and the delegation of a representative to participate in the work of the Association.

Individuals and may not become a member of the International Association of Medical Therapists (IAMGT). An individual can become a member of the Organization by registering a local branch of the Association in his city / country / region. In this case, the individual becomes the head of the representative office.

Submission of an application means consent to perform the duties of a member of the Association, provided for by the Charter of the Association.

You keep records of the Members of the Association in the Registration Book.

Membership fee

The annual membership fee is $ 120 in local currency at the current exchange rate. Payment can be made once or in equal installments throughout the year.

Funds received from annual membership fees are credited to the current account of the Association and are used to ensure:

  • the statutory activities of the Association;
  • educational work;
  • popularization of treatment and prevention methods with medical gases;
  • conducting clinical trials;
  • creation of educational materials;
  • development of international cooperation.