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«International academical ozone therapy congress»

Econika Medical Engineering

Prof. Nazarov E.I., made a presentation about the possibilities of hardware SPE «Econika»

In his report, Prof. Nazarov, put forward a new approach to understanding the mechanism of pharmacological activity of ozone, which is based on the difference in the pharmacokinetics of ozone used in Western and Russian method of ozone therapy.

Report prof. Nazarov E.I. about the possibilities of hardware SPE

Dentist from Odessa(Ukraine), MD Koval A.V. did that caused the great interest the report on the application of the device Curador for gas processing canals.

Report  MD Koval A.V.

Procedure AHT-O3 is received by the founder of manufacture of Russian generators of medical ozone of prof. Panteleev V.I.

Equipment SPE Econika in the work

Before opening

Opening of the Congress of ozone therapy

Congress is working.

The work of  ozone therapy congress