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Econika Medical Engineering

International Association of Medical Gas Therapist (IAMGT)

23 января 2021

Join An Association Invites doctors, medical associations and medical equipment manufacturers who use ozone, hydrogen, xenon and other medical gases in their practice to cooperate. We will also be glad…

Hydrogen/oxygen mixed gas inhalation improves disease severity and dyspnea in patients with Coronavirus disease 2019 in a recent multicenter, open-label clinical trial

24 июля 2020

Wei-Jie Guan1, Chun-Hua Wei, Ai-Lan Chen, Xiao-Cong Sun, Guang-Yun Guo, Xu Zou, Jin-Dong Shi, Pei-Zhen Lai, Ze-Guang Zheng, Nan-Shan ZhongState Key Laboratory of Respiratory Disease, National Clinical Research Center for…

Training workshop

22 октября 2019

A training seminar and presentation of new devices, in particular “Bozon-N-EBOO RU”, was conducted under the guidance of Professor E.I. Nazarova staff of NPP «Econika», in the city of Chisinau…

Congress Information

Congress Information

25 сентября 2019

“International Congress of New Methods in Ozone Therapy”, which took place in Sanliurfa, Turkey,On 20 to 22 September, 2019.The purpose of this congress was to gain new knowledge about modern…

Conference Information

25 сентября 2019

The VIII Asian-European Scientific and Practical Conference «OZONE AND OTHER MEDICAL GASES IN BIOLOGY AND THERAPY» was held in Poland, Stutovo from September 10 to 12, 2019. The scientific-practical conference…

Xenon therapy procedure

Xenon therapy procedure

30 апреля 2019

 I do this procedure once every six months. Our patients do this procedure once a month. They call this procedure Xenon Dreams. They say that for a whole month they…

VIII Asiatic-European conference

VIII Asiatic-European conference

26 марта 2019

OZONE AND OTHER MEDICAL GAS IN BIOLOGY AND THERAPY10 — 12 september, 2019Poland, Sztutowo, hotel “Baron”              The scientific-practical conference dedicated to the development and practical application of methods of   …

Frontiers 3 in Ozone Conference

14 мая 2018

Frontiers 3 in Ozone Conference has been annonced in Santa Barbara (California,USA) in 1-3 November 2018.

Extracorporeal blood oxygenation — ozonation (EBOO)

5 мая 2018

The International Scientific Committee of Ozone Therapy (Madrid, Spain) issued an Article «Extracorporeal blood oxygenation-ozonation (EBOO)». Authors: D.Sci Eugene Nazarov, Ph.D. Veronika Vongai (SPE “Ekonika” Odessa,Ukraine).

The First Istanbul International Traditional and Complementary Medicine Congress

27 апреля 2018

The First International Traditional and Complementary Medicine Congress was held In Istanbul (Turkey) in 19-22 April 2018. Director of the Scientific Production Enterprise «Econika» Doctor of Sc., Professor E.I. Nazarov…

Adaptive rejuvenation is the essence of mechanism of action of systemic ozone therapy

29 сентября 2017

Adaptive rejuvenation is the essence of mechanism of action of systemic ozone therapy from Eugeny Nazarov The presentation describes an adaptive approach to explaining the broadest spectrum of pharmacological activity…

Ozone treatment center

20 августа 2017

Extracorporal Ozonatation and Oxygenation (EBOO) is the ultimate treatment for those seeking the healing and detoxification qualities of medical ozone therapy. Also known as Ozone Blood Dialysis, EBOO purifies 3.5…