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Conference Information

The VIII Asian-European Scientific and Practical Conference «OZONE AND OTHER MEDICAL GASES IN BIOLOGY AND THERAPY» was held in Poland, Stutovo from September 10 to 12, 2019.

The scientific-practical conference covered the issues in development and practical application of medical gas therapy methods: ozone-oxygen mixture, hydrogen, xenon, carbon dioxide, nitric oxide. Nowadays,  a number of countries are actively working on implementation of ozone therapy methods, treatment with xenon hydrogen, which are widely used in the clinical practice of various diseases

The conference was attended by scientists, professors of medical universities, chairmen of the associations of ozone therapists and practitioners. Total 89 people from Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Austria, Romania, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Moldova, Georgia, Turkey and Cyprus. The latest achievements in the field of ozone therapy, hydrogen therapy, xenon therapy, carboxytherapy were presented.

The biochemical, immunological, molecular and pharmacological mechanisms of the action of ozone, the effectiveness and safety of its use were introduced  by Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Klavdiya Nikolaevna Kontorshchikova (Nizhny Novgorod Medical Academy, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Evgeny Ivanovich Nazarov (Asian-European Union of Ozone Therapists and Manufacturers of Medical Equipment, Odessa, Ukraine) presented a review on use of ozone, hydrogen and xenon in medicine.

Practicing doctors, doctors and candidates of medical and technical sciences from Kazan, Krasnoyarsk, St. Petersburg, N. Novgorod, Odessa, Kiev, Lviv, Tbilisi, Chisinau, shared their experience in the use of ozone in various fields of medicine.

Neurologist Hatkevich Anastasia Sergeevna, St. Petersburg introduced the method of carboxytherapy.

Dr. Zornitsa Petrova-Markantova, from the Czech Republic, reviewed the achievements of the current state of hydrogen therapy in Europe.

The great interest of all those present at the conference was attracted with the master class, conducted by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor  E.I. Nazarov and candidate of technical science T.A. Gluhenkaya, according to local intra and extracorporeal methods of ozone therapy and hydrogen therapy using equipment of the company Econika (EBOO-RU, multipass — BAGTO, etc.)

During the Conference, with representatives of the ozone therapists association from the countries of the European Union, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Georgia, Moldova, President of the Asian-European Union of Ozone Therapists, Professor E.I. Nazarov, proposed  to add the word “medical gases’’ in to the name AE of the Union of Ozone Therapists. This change reflects the trends of their widespread usage in medical practice. In addition, it was suggested to themembers of associations from the above countries to join the AE union, and each year to choose a country whose representative will join the union and will carry out its leadership for a year. During the discussion of this issue, all participants in the working group agreed with the proposals of E.I. Nazarov and decided to join the AE Union after a discussion in the associations of ozone therapists in the above countries.

The conference was organized by the Asian-European Union of Ozone Therapists, the Polish branch of the Association for Medical Gas Therapy, Econika Biomedical Engineering. Poland