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VIII Asiatic-European conference

Econika Medical Engineering

VIII Asiatic-European conference


10 — 12 september, 2019

Poland, Sztutowo, hotel “Baron”


The scientific-practical conference dedicated to the development and practical application of methods of

    The therapy by medical gas: ozone and oxygen mixture, hydrogen, xenon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide

    The conference was initiated and organized by the Asian-European Association of ozone therapists and medical equipment manufacturers.

    At the conference will be presented recent developments in the domain of the ozone therapy, hydrogen therapy, xenon therapy, carbon therapy made by outstanding professionals in medical gas use from European Union, Russia and Ukraine.  

    Associate professor of biological sciences Kontorshikova Klavdiya Nikolayevna (Medical Academy of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia) will present a report on biochemical, immunological, molecular and pharmacological mechanisms of the ozone action, its application efficacy and safety.

    Clinicians, doctors and associated professors of medicine from Kazan, Krasnoyarsk, Sankt-Petersburg, Odessa, Tbilisi, will share their experience in using the ozone in various fields of the medicine.

    Doctor of technical sciences, professor Nazarov Yevgheny Ivanovic, the Asian-European Association of ozone therapists and medical equipment manufacturers, Odessa, Ukraine, will present a review of hydrogen and xenon action and application mechanisms in the medicine.

    Doctor neurologist Khatkevic Anastassia Sergeyevna, SanktPetersburg, will present a method of the carbon therapy.

    Doctor PetrovaMarkantova Zornitsa, the Czech republic, will present a review of developments the hydrogen therapy accrual state in the world.

    12 september, 2019. Master-classes are planned:

  • The big ozone autohemotherapy in the ozone cosmetology and general practice (professor Lambert Re, Italy)
  • The use of methods PRP and Ten Pass in the ozone therapy and the cosmetology (doctor Ruche Chair, Turkey)
  • The extracorporeal treatment of big volumes of the blood by the ozone and oxygen mixture. The method EBOO (professor Nazarov Ye. and doctor Glukhenkaya T., Odessa)

    The list of speakers will be expanded during updating the scientific program of the conference.

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