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Congress Information

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Congress Information

“International Congress of New Methods in Ozone Therapy”, which took place in Sanliurfa, Turkey,

On 20 to 22 September, 2019.

The purpose of this congress was to gain new knowledge about modern treatment methods in ozone therapy and medical gases, using international protocols. Presentation of the biochemical, immunological, and physiological aspects of ozone therapy in reports made it possible to show the modern concepts and a new era in medicine and clinical practice.

During the congress, 2 reports of the Executive President of the Asian-European Union of Ozone Therapists, prof. Evgeny Ivanovich Nazarov, were presented: “Methods of intracorporal and extracorporeal ozone therapy” and “Treatment with medical gases: ozone, xenon and hydrogen”.

Reports candidate of technical science Tatyana Anatolyevna Gluhenkoy: ‘’Ozone Therapy Ten Pass’’ and ‘’ Ozone Cosmetology’’ introduced the effective use of ozone.

Following reports attracted attention: Professors Oksana Bitkina — “Methods of using the ozone-oxygen mixture in the treatment of skin and venereal diseases” and “Ozone local preparations in dermatology, cosmetology and tricholoji”. Reports of Professor Dr. Arzu Irban; Dr. M. Levent Tecci; Dr. Macbule Lasinyurt Ozkan; Dr. Hakan Hackeri “Legal Responsibility in Traditional and Complementary Medical Practice” showed a high assessment in use of ozone therapy in practical medicine.

The congress was organized for doctors and dentists in Sanliurfa, an important historical city called the “City of the Prophets” by a scientific council, consisting of three world-famous scientists in ozone therapy.