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Cultural program

Econika Medical Engineering

Visiting of a temple of Angkor-Vat — a city a temple. Cambodia

As the cultural program fascinating excursions on the Mexico Cities which have left indelible impressions about the country have been offered participants of the congress.
Certainly impressing Megacity with fantastic anthropological symbiosis: Indians, metises, Europeans. The cultural and architectural centre of the most interesting country of the American continent. A city of raging emotions, bright paints and sharp tastes.
Country Sokalo Main square, ruins of an ancient city of Aztecs of Tenochtitlan, the Cathedral, the Presidential Palace known for frescos of legendary Diego Rivera.

The anthropological museum is considered one of the richest museums of the world. It occupies the space in more than 10 thousand square metres; in it there are 26 showrooms where it is possible to see thousand exhibits of ancient American Indian civilisations, including tombs, stone heads, a known stone calendar and a remark mystical Ek Balama overturning classical dogmas of representation of culture of Majja.