The requirements to the rooms of ozone therapy and the organization of carrying out ozone therapeutic procedures

Are developed on the basis of: Sanitary rules and norms required for procedure rooms
Operating orders on observance of sanitary-antiepidemic mode in carrying out the procedures.
Rules of technical safety for operation of electroinstallations, the vessels working under pressure.
The requirements to air exchange in the working zone.
Ozone therapy is a unique influence on an organism, strengthening its protective forces and exerting multiplane medical influence which is necessary to take into consideration while organizing the room of ozone therapy.
1. The general requirements are:
1.1 Recommended area of a premise is not less than 12 sq.m.
1.2 Internal furnish of a premise should be made according to its functional assignment.
1.3 Walls and ceilings should be painted by waterproof (oil and others) paints or other water-resistant materials.
1.4 Floors are covered with water-proof materials; linoleum coverings should not have defects (cracks, holes and so on), should be smooth, firmly adjusted to the basis.
1.5 The installation of the sink for washing hands is recommended.
1.6 It is necessary to provide forced-air and exhaust ventilation in a procedure room.
1.7 The system of air exchange should exclude transfer of infection from other premises into a procedure room.
1.8 The room in which the ozonizer is installed should have a contour of protective grounding. The socket for connection of the installation should have grounded contact connected with a contour of protective grounding.
2. Special requirements:
2.1 Oxygen supply should be made from a network of the centralized oxygen distribution or an oxygen cylinder. Only medical oxygen of GOST 5583-78 should be used.
2.2 The cylinder with oxygen should be kept in a special closed box equipped with devices for fastening of the cylinder from falling down, the cylinder should be in vertical position during work. The oxygen equipment (the cylinder, a reducer, manometers), applied at work, should be in a serviceable condition.
2.3 The cylinder with oxygen, installed in a premise, should be at the distance of not less than 1 m from radiators of heating and other heating devices, and not less than 5 m from sources of heat with open fire.
2.4 It is forbidden to use cylinders in which:
a) term of periodic survey has expired;
b) there are no installed brands;
c) there is damage of the case (cracks, bad corrosion, etc.)
2.5 “Safety rules of operation of the vessels working under pressure” should be observed at work.
2.6 While working with ozone therapeutic installation it is necessary to fulfil safety requirements according to “Rules of technical safety in operation of electroinstallations”. While repairing and carrying out control the device should be disconnected from a feeding electric network.
2.7 Ozone is a toxic gas with a sharp irritating smell, the used ozone gets ina destructor, in presence of obvious escape of the ozone-oxygen mixture into a working premise (a sharp, irritating smell of ozone) it is necessary to stop operation of the ozonizer and call the serviceman. It is strictly forbidden to try to determine presence of ozone in gas-mains by means of smell. This rule also covers the nonworking devices.
2.8 During work depressurization of gas-mains of the generator is not permitted.

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