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Ozone in cosmetology

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Ozone in cosmetology

Ozone is a natural factor which exerts complex influence on the human organism. For treatment of the «problem» skin and wrinkles techniques of local and systemic ozone therapy are applied: locally — hypodermic introduction of ozone-oxygen mixtures and use of the ozonized olive oil in the form of masks and for massage; systemically — intravenous drop infusions of the ozonized solutions, big and small autohemotherapy with ozone, rectal insufflations with ozone oxygen mixture.

Basic difference of ozone therapy from other cosmetic methods and procedures is its double action both from a surface, and from within an organism that leads to normalization of nutrition, oxygenation, moistening, protection and restoration of metabolism in the skin, drainage functions improve, destruction of fatty cells and their removal from an organism occurs, the skin becomes elastic, pustular eruptions on the skin disappear. The general clarification, improvement and tonization is achieved instead of temporary cosmetic effect.

Modern cosmetology is a direction of medicine in which practising doctors try to connect the newest development of scientists in the field of application of new technologies and use of nonmedicamentous methods. The latest researches in the field of cosmetology give evidence that in correct selection of techniques, it is possible to achieve wonderful results and to delay external manifestations of ageing as much as possible. One of such directions is OZONE THERAPY.

Many cosmetic problems — wrinkles, allergy, cellulitis, adiposity, acne are reflection of inner state of an organism, therefore it is necessary to treat them not only outside, but also from within. Ozone perfectly copes with this exerting detoxication, antimicrobic, antiviral action, promotes strengthening and restoration of immunity, it is well tolerated by patients, and practically has no side-effects.