V.V.Mekhedko, E.I.Nazarov
National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after P.L.Shupyk,
All-Ukrainian association of ozone therapists and manufacturers of the equipment.
Research-and-production enterprise Econika, Ukraine,
Prolapsus of internal genitals gives up to 15 % among indications to surgical treatment of women in gynecologic hospitals of Ukraine. The tactic peculiarity in management of patients in the postoperative period is prevention of inflammatory complications as the rate of such complications makes up to 25 %. Usually various antiseptics are applied for sanitation of vaginal postoperative wounds, but for today such preparations are not so effective, causing allergic reactions and irritations, and do not influence local immunity of a wound.
The aim of the work is to study the effect of the ozonized olive oil on local immunity of a vaginal postoperative wound in women in whom extirpation of the uterus through the vagina have been performed on the basis of laboratory investigations.
In order to study reparative processes in the vaginal postoperative wound and a condition of local immunity we took discharge from the vagina before surgery, then wound secretion was taken from the vagina on ??, , V, V day after surgery for determination the amount of secretory immunoglobulin A (SIgA), as well as washouts from the vagina before surgery and on the 7th day after surgery – for studying phagocytosis activity and a level of immunoglobulins A, M, G by a method of radial immunodiffusion by Manchini et.al. [1].
Depending on the method of treatment of the vaginal postoperative wound the patients have been divided into 2 groups. The first, basic group, consisted of 30 patients who were made applications of the ozonized olive oil to the vaginal wound prepared by barbotage of the olive oil with ozone-oxygen mixture with ozone concentration of 50 mg/l for 60 min. The second, control group, comprised 30 women who have been made sanitation of the vaginal postoperative wound by usual antiseptics.
While investigating a condition of vaginal local immunity of women before surgical intervention, we found out that the amount of immunoglobulins, a level of phagocytic number, phagocytic index, and values of Ig G, A, M did not differ in washouts from the vagina in both groups.
??In the basic group of women contents of Ig A became by 18 %, IgG?  by 9 % higher than in the control group on the 7th day after surgery with simultaneous reduction of IgM by 33 %. Phagocytic index of neutrophils in wound exudate was considerably higher in the basic group, against the background of application of the ozonized olive oil? by 57 % in comparison with the control group, and phagocytic number was higher by 51 % accordingly
Before surgical treatment the values of secretory immunoglobulin A did not differ essentially in both groups. Against the background of application of the ozonized olive oil to the vaginal wound the amount of SIgA after operation increased by 20 % in comparison with the control group on the 1st day, on the 3rd day – by13 %, on the 5th day – by22 % and on the 7th day – by 15 % ??onclusions.
? 1. We received confirmation of the positive effect of the ozonized olive oil on local immunity that had caused additional migration of immunocompetent cells in the postoperative wound.
2. Increased level of secretory immunoglobulin A in wound secretion which positively affected the course of the wound process confirms immunomodulating effect of the ozonized olive oil. Application of the given medical complex also had the expressed action on dynamics of phagocytic number and phagocytic index.
? Thus, advantage of the method of treatment of vaginal postoperative wounds with the ozonized olive oil before treatment by traditional antiseptics consists in acceleration of reparative processes in the wound and immunostimulating effect. It allowed to recommend it for application in treatment of postoperative wounds in gynecologic departments.
The literature:
1. Mancini G., Carbonara A., Heremans I. Immunochemical quantitation of antigens by single radial immunodiffusion // Immunochemistry.?  1965.?  V. 2. p. 235-254.

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