Архив 14 Июль 2010

On the photo from left to right there are representatives of Spain, Mexico, Ukraine, Russia and Argentina
On the photo from right to left there are representatives of Egypt, Romania, Cuba and Germany
On June, 2nd, 2010 the constituent assembly of the International Association of Oxygen and Ozone Medicine (FIOOT) has taken place in Madrid. Plenipotentiaries of Spain, Mexico, Ukraine, Russia, Argentina, Egypt, Romania, Cuba participated at the meeting and a German representative – as an observer. The executive committee composed of participants of the meeting has been selected. Dr. Adriana Shcwarts (Spain) has bee selected as the president of the FIOOT.
On June, 4th – 6th the Meeting of the basic research schools of the world ozone therapy held in Madrid. Known scientists and doctors from Argentina, Cuba, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Ukraine and USA participated at the meeting.

The proceedings of the western school of the ozone therapy have been expounded by Prof. Bocci, Dr. Lamberto Re, Dr. Renate Viban-Hansler.
The Russian proceedings of the ozone therapy have been presented by the President of the Russian Association of the ozone therapy Prof. S.P.Peretjagin and Prof. K.N.Kontorshchikova
The report on comparison of the Russian and Western proceedings of the ozone therapy have been presented the President of the Ukrainian association of ozone therapists, the Executive president of the Asian-European union of ozone therapists Prof. E.I.Nazarov.
Professor V. Bocci and professor E. Nazarov after end of the international meeting schools of the world ozone therapy
In the issue of scientific discussions the Madrid declaration has been adopted, this declaration has offered agreed proceedings of ozone therapy for the first time in the history of the world ozone therapy.
SPE Econika participated traditionally at the exhibition of the equipment for ozone medicine.

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