Please find attached the Second Announcement of the “World Conference on Ozone Therapy in Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary”

promoted by Prof. Lamberto Re

Ancona (Italy) – September 22-23-24, 2017

Do not hesitate to share this information with all your colleagues interested in this area. We will send you soon further information about the meeting.  Hoping you will join us, we send you our best regards.

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Report by Prof. E. Nazarov

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Dear Collegues,

We kindly invite all of you to participate at 3 rd Annual International Advanced Ozone and Autologous Therapies Seminar that will be held in Istanbul, Turkey on 17-18 October 2015.

Seminar Venue is Limak Eurasia Luxary Hotel

The names of the lecturers and topics of the lectures are shortly as below;

Em.Prof.Dr.Velio Bocci: The Biochemistry and Molecular Aspects of Ozone Therapy Under the Scope of New Findings of Clinical Studies / What will be the Future of Ozone Therapy

Prof.Dr.Lamberto Re: How Ozone Acts on Humans: Newly Discovered Mechanisms / NFkB and its relation with Ozone Therapy

Prof.Dr.Emma Borelli: Ozone Therapy Trails in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseas / The effect of major ozonated autohaemotherapy in patients affected by dry age related macular degeneration (AMD)

Prof.Dr.Pang Clifford: Clinical Application of Medical Ozone in Treating Diabetic Foot at Clifford Hospitals / Combination of Acupuncture and Other Tradional Chinese Medicine with Ozone Therapy

Prof. Dr. Eugeny Nazarov: Criteria and tactics of a successful course of systemic ozone therapy  /  How to Follow Up the Effects of Ozone Therapy by Simple Blood Analysis

Prof.Dr.Xiaofeng He: New Findings of Ozone Therapy in Pain Management

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June 12th 2015 – 2nd edition of Madrid declaration on Ozone is adopted by ISCO3’s experts.

From Ukraine participated:

Prof. EUGENI I. NAZAROV. – Biophysics, Ph.D., Chem. Sci.,
Dr. Sci. Tech, President of the Ukrainian Association Ozone Therapists,

Dr. Veronika Vongai – Chem. Sci., active member of ISCO3

Download description « Extracorporeal blood oxygenation-ozonation (EBOO)» and «Ozonized Saline Solution» >>>

Report by Prof. E. Nazarov

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6-8 November 2014, Medipol Mega Hospital, Istanbul

For more information, please download these files:

Invitation Letter, Course Schedule, Poster

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Venue International Congresses Int’l Federation of ozone therapy – Rey Juan Carlos

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Three parallel pre-congress courses: June 5th, 2014

Language: Spanish

Limited capacity

Classroom, Departmental II, King Juan Carlos University, Alcorcón Campus, Madrid (Spain).
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Provide Update on the new techniques of medical ozone application in internal medicine, in order to optimize the application of this therapy.


Dr. Eugeny Nazarov. Ukraine

Dr. José Luis Calunga. Cuba

Dr. Gregorio Martínez. Italy

Dr. Michael Schreiber. Germany

Dr. Esteban González. Spain

Mr. Tom Lowe. USA.

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