Frontiers 3 in Ozone Conference has been annonced in Santa Barbara (California,USA) in 1-3 November 2018.

The International Scientific Committee of Ozone Therapy (Madrid, Spain) issued an Article “Extracorporeal blood oxygenation-ozonation (EBOO)”.
Authors: D.Sci Eugene Nazarov, Ph.D. Veronika Vongai (SPE “Ekonika” Odessa,Ukraine).

The First International Traditional and Complementary Medicine Congress was held In Istanbul (Turkey) in 19-22 April 2018.
Director of the Scientific Production Enterprise “Econika” Doctor of Sc., Professor E.I. Nazarov made a report “Assessment of the effectiveness of ozone therapy methods.”


The presentation describes an adaptive approach to explaining the broadest spectrum of pharmacological activity of a course of systemic ozone therapy. This approach is based on the idea of systemic ozone therapy as a form of activation therapy. The difference between ozone therapy and other types of activation therapy is that ozone fixes a specific conditioned-unconditioned reflex of the adaptation system for the pharmacological activity of ozone.

Extracorporal Ozonatation and Oxygenation (EBOO) is the ultimate treatment for those seeking the healing and detoxification qualities of medical ozone therapy. Also known as Ozone Blood Dialysis, EBOO purifies 3.5 liters of blood in one session and sets in motion a powerful systemic ozonide healing event that lasts up to 4.5 months.

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Please find attached the Second Announcement of the “World Conference on Ozone Therapy in Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary”

promoted by Prof. Lamberto Re

Ancona (Italy) – September 22-23-24, 2017

Do not hesitate to share this information with all your colleagues interested in this area. We will send you soon further information about the meeting.  Hoping you will join us, we send you our best regards.

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GEORGIA, TBILISI, 26 – 28 May, 2017 г

Dear colleagues!


You are invited to take part at the VII Asian and European international scientific conference on the theme “Ozone and other medical gas in biology and therapy”.

The following issues are submitted for consideration by the Conference program:

  1. Experimental researches in the field of ozone and other medical gas use in biology and therapy.
  2. Mechanism of ozone and other medical gas action on biological objects.
  3. Biochemical and biological methods for monitoring the effectiveness and safety of ozone therapy.
  4. Clinical aspects of the medical gas use.

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18-20 Nov 2016 International Conference of WFOT with OFI at Mumbai.

prof.Eugene I.Nazarov.
Executive President of the Asian-European Union of ozonetherapists. President of Ukrainean association of ozonetherapy.CEO of SPE “Econika”, Professor-consultant of ISCO3

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18, 19, 20 Nov 2016 OFI is pleased to announce that it shall hold the annual International meet of WFOT (World Federation of Ozone Therapy), at Mumbai!!!

International Delegates of WFOT will hold their annual conference alongwith a workshop where they will showcase their work and experience of many years in the field of Ozone Therapy. The three day event shall be held at Hotel Sea Princess, Juhu, Mumbai, wit the third day having Indian doctors showcasing our achievements thus far.

Click here to download the schedule of events and fees structure.

Contact Dr. Jignasha Captain, 09967608029, for more details and registration alongwith “early bird” discounts.

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