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Training seminar of the Asian-European Union in Malaysia

Econika Medical Engineering

Training seminar of the Asian-European Union in Malaysia

Lecture about theoretical bases ozonetherapy at office of Malaysian association of ozonetherapists.

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Training to procedure big autohemotherapy in a variant developed SPE «Econika», in one of clinics Kuala Lumpur.
Training to Russian method of ozone therapy with use of module OSS of manufacture SPE «Econika». Doctor Alias Sharif — CEO networks of the ozone centres of Malaysia, CEO the enterprises making the equipment for ozonetherapy, one of Association founders ozonetherapists Malaysia.
Extracorporal Blood Oxigenation and ozonization (EBOO) — the most widespread procedure ozonetherapy in South East Asia. On a background device ALIF-1 for EBOO Malaysian manufacture.
Residence of the prime minister of Malaysia.
Central induist a temple Kuala Lumpur. A kind on an input in a temple.
Cave temple Subramanyana. A kind of a premise of a temple.
The central sanctuary of a temple of goddess Durga.
A kind to Kuala Lumpur from a roof Budda temple.
The Basis of towers of twins.
Towers twins — the main architectural sight of Malaysia.