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Ozone-hydrogen pump-room BOZON-H2/O3

Econika Medical Engineering

Ozone-hydrogen pump-room BOZON-H2/O3

Installation is:
• an autonomous source of chilled drinking water saturated with hydrogen with a concentration of 1.4 ppm. The supply of hydrogen water for drinking is 20 liters.

• an autonomous source of ozonized distilled water with a concentration of 0-10 mg / l. The stock of ozonated water is 20 liters.
The installation is also intended for:

• Preparation of supersaturated drinking water in plastic bottles with a hydrogen concentration of 6.4 ppm

• Inhalation of the air-hydrogen mixture with a hydrogen concentration of 2%.
Hydrogen therapy shows excellent results in the prevention and treatment of about 150 diseases, in particular — any viral diseases , pneumonia, bronchitis, heart and vascular disease, — brain and kidney disease, malignant tumors, brain diseases, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases