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Medipol Ozone Days

Econika Medical Engineering

Medipol Ozone Days

6-8 November 2014, Medipol Mega Hospital, Istanbul

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Invitation Letter, Course Schedule, Poster

Dear Colleaques,

I am honored to invite you to participate in “Medipol Ozone Days-the first international academic ozone course”, organized by Medipol University.

The course will take place on November 6-8, 2014 at Medipol University Mega Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey. During first two days introduction to ozone, applications of ozone for patients, use of ozone for non-patients will be discussed; also clinical applications will be performed. Third day, live-cases from operation theatre for interventional pain treatment will be done.

If you have not been introduced to ozone yet, or if you want to improve your knowledge & practice with ozone, it is right time. World-wide well-known international ozone therapy scientists will be here to introduce you the new era of patient’s treatment. It will be great opportunity for you, the attendee, after the course besides obtaining a full understanding of the background biochemical, immunological, and physiological effects of ozone therapy; also you will be able to do these treatments and clinical applications following internationally accepted protocols for the safe and effective use of Ozone.

In order to apply course & learn about course capacity and fee please contact with me. Also, in case you have further inquiries regarding to accommodation in and flights to Istanbul, please do not hesitate to contact with me.

We look forward to seeing you in Istanbul!

With regards,

Assoc. Prof. Arzu Irban, MD, DESA

Chairman of Organizing Committee

E.mails: [email protected], [email protected]

GSM: +90 532 641 73 34

Work direct line: +90 212 460 77 78 (working hours only)

Course Schedule

6 November 2014 — Thursday

9.00-9.15 Opening Dr. Yigitbaşı /Dr. Tokac
9.15-9.40 Basic principles of ozone Dr. İrban
9.45-9.25 Aplication methods I Dr. İrban
9.30-10.10 Aplication methods II Dr. İrban
10.10-10.40 Coffee Break
10.45-11.25 Methodologic and clinical aspects of ozone therapy I Dr. Nazarov
11.30-12.10 Methodologic and clinical aspects of ozone therapy II Dr. Nazarov
12.15-12.55 Pharmacological aspect of ozone therapy Dr. Nazarov
13.00-13.55 Lunch Time
14.00-14.40 Russian Methods for ozone therapy I
MAHT, EBOO-RU, Ozonated serum physiologic i.v.
14.45-15.25 Russian Methods for ozone therapy II
Vacumized ozonated massage, humidifed-ozone insuflation spray
Dr. Glukhenka
15.30-16.10 Coffee Break
16.15-16.55 Free oxygen radicals and evaluation of ozone therapy in lab Dr. Çakır
17.00-17.40 Ozone in OB/GYN Dr.Schwartz

7 November 2014 — Friday

9.00-9.40 Ozone and pain management Dr. İrban
9.40-10.00 Combination of PRP and Ozone Dr. Çakır
10.00-11.00 Clinical Applications (Intraartical, trigger point, intralesional) Dr. İrban /Dr.Özdemir
11.00-10.40 Coffee Break
10.45-11.25 Comparision of ozone with hyberbaric oxygen Dr.İrban
11.30-11.50 Hepatitis C and ozone Dr.Mawsouf
11.50-14.15 Lunch and Prayer Time
14.20-14.40 Cancer and ozone Dr.Mawsouf
14.45-15.25 Ozone as an Anti-aging agent Dr.Mawsouf
15.30-16.10 Coffee Break
16.15-16.55 Ozone application via sacral hiatus in resistant cases Dr. Çakır
17.00-17.40 Ozone and wound healing/cosmetic effect Dr.İrban

8 November 2014 — Saturday

9.00-9.40 Ozone and diabetic foot Dr.Özdemir
9.45-9.25 Ozone and sample cases Dr. İrban
9.30-10.10 Ozone and sample cases Dr. Çakır
10.10-10.40 Coffee Break
10.45-11.25 Experimental ozone studies Dr. İrban
11.30-12.10 Madrid Declaration Dr. Çakır
12.15-12.55 Alternative and Complimentary Medicine and Ethic Dr. Tokac
13.00-13.55 Lunch Time
14.00-14.40 Live cases from OR- Intradiskal ozone Dr. İrban /Dr.Özdemir
14.45-15.25 Live cases from OR- Coxafemoral joint Dr. İrban /Dr.Özdemir
15.30-16.10 Live cases from OR- Shoulder joint Dr. İrban /Dr.Özdemir
16.10- 16.30 Live cases from OR- Plantar fascitis Dr. İrban /Dr.Özdemir
16.30-17.15 Coffee Break
17.15-18.00 Closing ceremony