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Econika Medical Engineering

Products  based on use pure ozonides

Our productsand cosmetics are made using the unique technology of chemical synthesis of pure ozonide triglyceride oleic acid. In our cosmetics there are no irritating impurities that are inevitable with simple ozonization of vegetable oils. Also in our cosmetics also does not contain the actual vegetable oils. Therefore, products and cosmetics manufactured using our technology are stored for at least 2 years without loss of quality


Often, in industrial production shampoos, the input of oils makes not more than 1%.

Ozonobella shampoo is 15% composedof oils.

It consists the complex of ozonides which has antimicrobial, fungicidal, antiviral effects.

Delicately cleanses, nourishes hair and scalp. Hair becomes elastic, easy to comb, less break and split.

Eliminates and prevents the formation of dandruff.

Price 6$

Intimate hygiene gel OzonoBella

The delicate gel for daily intimate hygiene gently cleanses, providing a longlasting feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

Thanks to detergents based on natural oils, the gel does not violate the natural acid-base balance of the intimate zone.

Contains ozonides — a substance of natural origin, having bactericidal, fungicidal, antiviral properties.

Prevents the development of pathogenic microflora.

Recommended for daily hygiene, as well as in the treatment of diseases of the pelvic organs.

Price 5$

Pure ozonides oil 30 ml

Ozone has a multifaceted beneficial effect on the human body.

Healing properties of ozone are preserved in the compositions of the “OzonoVita”, series which contain ozonides — reaction products of ozone with natural unsaturated fatty acids. In created compositions, ozonides are stable for several years, keeping the whole range of healing ozone properties. “OzonoVita” series includes 3 different concentrated oils: Medium, Forte and Super Forte, derived from natural vegetable oils, with peroxide numbers 400, 800 and 1200 units accordingly and also neutral carrier of natural origin.

OzonoVita Medium peroxide number = 400 Price 6$ (MOK100) 5$( MOK >1000)

OzonoVita Forte peroxide number = 800 Price 10$ ( MOK100) 6$( MOK >1000)

OzonoVita SuperForte peroxide number = 1200 Price 14$ ( MOK ≤100) 8$( MOK >1000)

Face cream

Ozonides are very active substances.When they are stored together with other cosmetic components, they react with them and quickly lose their properties.

Econika Biomedical Engineering’s specialists decided to keep the active balm and cream in separate tubes. Mix cream and balm right before using.

Two-component cream includes:

nourishing cream whith an wheat germ extract (20 ml) and cosmetic balm (20 ml).

Means for treatment of illnesses of gums (packaging in airless bottle):“OzonoVita-Denta”

OzonoVita Denta has a very high activity due to the extremely high content of bound ozone. It activates metabolic processes, has a  detoxifying effect, increases the intensity of energy processes, eliminates tissue hypoxia and optimizes blood oxygen transport function, increases oxygen utilization by cells due to the activation of aerobic glycolysis, Krebs cycle and oxidation of fatty acids. 

100ml                                        30ml

Price 65$                                 Price 25%


Cosmetic balsam ”OzonoBella”

The balm has a very high activity due to the significant ozonides content, which are derived from natural plant oils, in combination with an active component of ozonide absorption.The balm activates the metabolic processes in the epidermis, has an detoxifying, antiallergic action, increases the intensity of energy processes. Stimulates the synthesis of proteins, including collagen and elastin, helps to restore the skin’s natural ability to retain water, increases the regenerative capacity of the epidermis.

With the help of active components, ozonides penetrate deep into the deeper layers of the skin, thus eliminating tissue hypoxia, and optimize the oxygen transport function of the blood, and increase the utilization of oxygen by the cells.

Ozonides are natural anti-allergens. Many years of testing have not detected a single case of allergic skin reactions.

100ml                                      30ml

Price70$                                 Price30$

Medical body gel ”OzonoBella"

The complex of ozonides obtained from oils of plant origin, which is part of the gel, has an antimicrobial, fungicidal, antiallergic effect. Interferes with the formation of comedones, enhances local immunity, reduces inflammation and irritation, has a healing effect. Supports the natural level of moisture, stimulates the protective functions of the epdermis.”

Price 6$


Set for rectal or vaginal injection pure ozonides “Bozon- RVPO-600”

Ozonide, derived from natural vegetable oils, with a peroxide number of 600 units, a neutral carrier of natural origin.

Indications: Prostate adenoma, prostatitis and urethritis, in the treatment of hemorrhoids and anal fissures, colpitis (bacterial, trichomonas, candidal), bacterial vaginosis, cervicitis, menopausal syndrome, viral diseases.

Price  for distributors 3$(MOK≤1000), 2$(MOK>1000)

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