Medical center and sanatorium “Sartus”: here return health


Medical center “Sartus”

In Odessa is not only good rest. Beach holidays can be perfectly combined with the effective recovery of health at the medical center “Sartus.” The combination of climate and convenience of the medical center creates an almost ideal conditions for rest and treatment of residents and visitors of Odessa.
Medical Center (MC) offers a great base for diagnosis and effective treatment of diseases of various organs and body systems.
MC “Sartus” offers diagnosis and treatment:
• diseases of the cardiovascular system, including the state after myocardial infarction;
• diseases of the peripheral nervous system, including the restoration of health after suffering a stroke, the brain;
• diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
• endocrine diseases;
• disorders of the musculoskeletal system (osteochondrosis, arthritis, arthritis, osteoporosis);
• diseases of the genitourinary system;
• diseases of the respiratory tract.
Medical center “Sartus” offers:
1. Diagnostic system, including:
• clinical complete blood
• blood chemistry
• immunological diagnostics
• microbiological diagnosis
• functional diagnostics (ECG, including exercise echocardiography, veloergometry)
• ray and visual diagnostics (ultrasound of the thyroid, abdomen and pelvis, urinary, proctology, gastroenterology survey)
In the laboratory, MC “Sartus” performed at a high level blood tests, thyroid function tests, carried out the virological studies using polymerase chain reaction, etc.
2. Medical treatment of MC “Sartus” includes a wide range of traditional and non-traditional methods of restoring health. In our therapeutic arsenal:
• Physical therapy
• Ultrasound therapy
• Magnetic-laser therapy
• Mud
• Paraffin
• Balneotherapy
• Climate therapy
• Ozone therapy
• Girudoterapiya
• Sinkardialny pneumopressing
• Salt Caves
• The efferent therapy (hemodialysis, plasmapheresis)
• Diet therapy
• Massage
• Phytotherapy
• Homeopathy
• Acupuncture
• Manual Therapy
• Hydrotherapy
MC “Sartus” – a team of high-class specialists who have extensive practical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. Doctors and nurses are certified to the highest and first certification categories.
The head of the center’s staff “Sartus” MD VS Rozhkov.

The medical center has:
• therapist
• Gastroenterologist
• gynecologist
• Nutritionist
• neurologist
• endoscopist
• orthopedic
• Audiologist
• Ophthalmologist
• functional diagnostician
• doctor of medical physical culture
• therapist
• Dentist
• reflexologist
• Trauma
• urologist
• urologist, sexologist
• Physiotherapist
• expert in physical rehabilitation
• laboratory
• nursing staff.



Sanatorium “Sartus”

Patients Medical Center offers a comfortable motels with single, double and triple rooms. Each room has a private bath, air conditioning, TV, refrigerator. The hotel and spa are surrounded by well-tended park housing. The sanatorium has its own secluded beach on the Black Sea coast, which is located at a distance of 200 m from the main building. The territory of the sanatorium is protected, there is parking for vehicles.Patients are asked to 4 meals a day, including dietary.Prices for accommodation, food and medication are set individually, depending on the wishes of patients and account for 40 – 65 USD per day.

Sanatorium “Scientific and medical-diagnostic center” Sartus ” Sanatorium “Sartus” is located on the Black Sea coast, in the heart of the city, in the most beautiful part of the city – Arcadia.Nature has created here a favorable environment for rest and recuperation. The combination of sea and steppe air, proximity to the sea, creating the most favorable conditions for the use of natural medicinal resources.Good transport links to the city center provides the opportunity to combine relaxation with a cultural life. City tour companies ensure everyone interesting and informative tourist travel and familiarity with our hero-city Odessa.

Major diseases, treatment and prevention of which is carried out in our sanatorium:

- Diseases of the heart;
- The state of post-myocardial infarction;
- Diseases of the peripheral nervous system;
- Condition after suffering a stroke, the brain;
- Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
- Diseases of the endocrine system;
- Diseases of the musculoskeletal system (osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, arthritis, polyarthritis);
- Diseases of the genitourinary system and gynecological
- Diseases of the respiratory tract.

For the treatment of patients in our sanatorium used not only traditional methods of spa treatments using natural resources and technology (physical therapy, ultrasound, magnetic-laser therapy, mud baths using the famous Kuyalnik estuary mud, paraffin, water and light therapy, balneotherapy) but also non-traditional methods: ozone therapy, sinkardinalny pneumopressing, hirudotherapy, salt caves, etc.

In the department of clinical laboratory diagnostic clinical, biochemical blood tests, studies of hemostasis, thyroid function, hormonal status, virologic studies (HIV, RW, viral hepatitis, Torch infection, studies using PCR (polymerase chain reaction)), etc.

Methods of treatment i our resorts are constantly improving and introducing new methods of treatment, including methods of efferent therapy, the essence of the use of which is to remove from the body of harmful, toxic active ingredients.Hemodialysis and plasmapheresis are among the most effective operational activities. Effect of hemodialysis and plasmapheresis leads to lower levels of immunoglobulins, allo-and autoantibodies; mukoproteidov and circulating immune components, improving the rheological properties of blood, reducing the factors of interaction with the reticuloendothelial system and the factors that can cause tissue damage. These techniques are widely used in treatment of patients with urgent pathology in cardiology in conditions of unstable angina, heart failure, hypertension and antiphospholipid syndrome. In surgery plasmapheresis is widely used for the treatment of endogenoustoxicity of various origins, peritonitis, severe pancreatitis against endotoxemia expressed in biliary tract disease, both before and after surgery. Plasmapheresis is also used for traumatic illness accompanied by severe endogenous intoxication, burns, with various respiratory syndromes, poisoning by various substances, especially those that are actively bound to plasma proteins, in the treatment of viral hepatitis – especially effective in the early stages, in obstetrics (with cystic , toxicosis of pregnant women, newborns and detoxification, etc.).

Advantages of the sanatorium “Sartus”:

Extremely comfortable and a beneficial location of our resort (in the vicinity of the Black Sea) gives us a tremendous opportunity to use all of the factors climate therapy (air, sun and water) in combination with the above factors sanatorium. The staff of our resort – highly qualified specialists with a huge practical experience. Medical and nursing staff is certified by the highest and first certification categories. All the staff are fluent in all methods of treatment recommended by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and leading universities and research institutes.The sanatorium is headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences Rozhkov VS, leading experts – Candidates of Medical Sciences, doctor of higher category.



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