“Sartus” clinic treating patients with chronic hepatitis C, and D according to the method prof. E.I.Nazarov (EBOO) RU) and by prof. M.N.Mawsouf (autohemo ozone therapy major). Course duration 1 month. The number of procedures EBOO RU – 4 (each procedure is processed 5 liters of blood) or 12 treatments autohemo ozone therapy major (each procedure is processed 300 ml. of blood). At the request of the patients the procedure may be supplemented xenon therapy. Both procedures are described below.

Video procedure EBOO RU

Video procedure ozone autohemotherapy major

Interview of the patient receives periodic courses of procedures of autohemotherapy.

Scientific article about treatment of HCV of Gérard V. Sunnen, MD

Our representer in Turkey -  Gülnara Önder (05545434622). please do not hesitate to ask her questions about the treatment in  Sartus Sanatorium






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