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Thank you for your kind words. Feel free to ask questions on topics that interest you. Regards, prof.Nazarov

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  1. 1 dr. Stanescu Radu Mircea


    Dear Prof. Nazarov,

    we recently visit your website at http://ozonetherapy.org/clinic
    and where extremely impressed by a superb therapy that we have found there, inside
    “SARTUS” sanatorium: THE XENON THERAPY. Dear Professor, if available, it is of
    great interest to buy from you 1-2 EQUIPMENTS FOR XENON THERAPHY and – with your
    great help, to implement such technique here, in our clinique (CENTRUL DE
    OZONOTERAPIE TARGOVISTE being one of the biggest center for alternative
    medicine in Romania, inside which we are specialized in ozone therapy, stem
    cell therapy, treatments with extract of human placenta or mesenchymal cells,
    etc.).Therefore, please be kind and send me the
    prices for such equipment, as well as your general terms and conditions and
    also, some clinical studies to better understand the xenon therapy.Looking for your soonest reply, I remainYours cordially,dr. Radu Mircea Stanescu. M.D. Chief Medical DirectorCENTRUL DE OZONOTERAPIE TARGOVISTEdr. Marinoiu 15A, Targoviste, 130037, Dambovita, ROMANIAphone: 0040.245217837mobile: 0040.769.606620e-mail: ozon.oxigen@gmail.com

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