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The department is equipped with a unique set of therapy extracorporeal blood treatment Boson-N-EOOK. The complex allows for oxygenation and ozonation process large amounts of blood (up to 5 liters). Additionally, the process may be accompanied by blood plasmapheresis. Extracorporeal processing of large volumes of blood can be disinfected and detoxifying the patient’s blood. This procedure replaces the traditional course of systemic ozone therapy consisting of 6-8 treatments a large autohemotherapy.

The clinical experience gained so far confirms the great therapeutic potential of EBOO in patients with:

severe peripheral arterial disease,

coronary disease,

cholesterol embolism,

severe dyslipidemia,

Madelung disease,

Lime disease

deafness of vascular origin.

necrotizing fasciitis,

fatal bacterial infection resistant to antibiotics,

ischemic stroke, chronic heart failure,

viral hepatitis


Department has a unique equipment that allows the procedure xenon therapy either alone or in combination with ozone therapy.

The application of xenon therapy

- Xenon inhalation have powerful analgesic effect.
– Xenon acts as an antidepressant and freed from feelings of depression and anxiety, has immune-stimulating properties.
– If you are working long and hard, you have to be nervous, you lose strength and patience – xenon inhalation is exactly what will help you. Xenon course of therapy will give you back the power of life, calm and restraint. Thanks to improved mental performance, improve concentration and performance before you open up new possibilities in all cases.
– Xenon inhalation cleanse and restore the body after alcohol poisoning. Xenon is 1.5-2 times reduces abstinence syndrome.
– Xenon inhalation have been used successfully in the treatment of headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as for recovery after illness and complex operations.
– For insomnia treatment xenon inhalation provides a consistent improvement of sleep in 80% of patients.
– Xenon inhalation have a positive therapeutic effect in patients with chronic ischemic heart disease, angina and resting heart failure.

Our representer in Turkey -  Gülnara Önder (05545434622). please do not hesitate to ask her questions about the treatment in  Sartus Sanatorium






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