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The member of the Asian-European association of ozone therapists and manufacturers of equipment for ozone therapy invites to take part in 7th National Conference on benefits of Ozone Therapy will be held at Bombay Hospital on 12th & 13th of April 2014.
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15-16-17 November 2013. Istanbul

EBOO inventor PROF. BOCCI (ITA) fully endorsed the Russian method of extracorporeal blood oxygenation and ozonation.

Opening of the 4th International Congress of ozone therapists, Rome, Italy, 2013

One-Day seminar in Kuwait. Doctors and Sufis.


Dr.Richter – pioner of EBOO treatment in Latin America.


Ozone autohemotherapy major using a package from phthalate free PVC and pump Boson-MAHT-laser

The procedure for ozone therapy is performed using Russian methods autohemotherapy mayor and sterile pyrogen-free package made of phthalate-free PVC. The treatment uses medical ozone generator Boson-COSMO and a peristaltic pump Bozon-MAHT-laser production Econika and plastic bag manufacturing Meditalia. See more www.ozonetherapy.org

May 18-19, 2013, in Odessa



22-24 MART 2013,
Emsey Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey.

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Collective member of the Asian-European union of ozone therapists, invites medical professionals, researchers and students of medical and biological disciplines to take part in the next event, which will be held March 30-31.

Program events and rules for participants:


Site http://ozoneprotocols.org have already began work

03 navigator

System “O3 navigator” is implemented as a web service for medical ozone therapists.
This assures users that they will always work with the latest version of the software and reference data, and removes them problems of preservation of information.

System “O3 navigator” allows you to:

  • automate work with protocols
  • automate work with patients
  • online chat between all users of the system
  • access to an extensive library of literature on ozone therapy

Complex treatment of ischemical and gangrenous form of diabetic foot patients.


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Extracorporeal treatment of large volumes of blood can help cure hepatitis C, and D.

The clinic Sartus (Odessa, Ukraine), treating patients suffering from hepatitis C and D.

Duration of treatment 4 weeks.

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Lecture on adaptive hypothesis of ozone therapy is reading the Executive President of the Asian-European Union prof.Nazarov

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3 – 5 May, 2012, in Odessa, was held

V Asian-European and VI Ukrainian-Russian conference Ozone in biology and medicine.”

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Sema Hospital, Stambul, Turkey.

Presentation of equipment for ozone therapy, a family of “boson” Production Enterprise “Econika” in the course “Fundamentals of ozone therapy” under the guidance of Professor Nuretina Lyulechi.

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New version of "Information help system for ozone therapists" is in testing state!

New version will be available on the 1-th of July