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The extra major autohemotherapy with ozone

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See a clip on a new method of painless treatment of cellulitis and removal of hypodermic fatty tissue by a method of combined actions of a microcurrent, cold and medical ozone. Ozone therapy of cellulitis with the application of the new device “Bozon-SNEG-3″.

The automated ozone installation of the type “BOZON” by results of the state sanitary-and-hygienic expert commission is declared suitable and meeting the requirements of the current sanitary legislation (the Conclusion of the state sanitary-and-hygienic expert commission 37709 of 11.09.03). By results of metrological certification characteristics of the installation correspond to the operating documents.

Certificates on metrological certification

Bioresonance therapy by method of Raif-Bare

Resonant therapy by the method of Rife-Bare is successfully applied in many countries of the world for treatment of some diseases including multiple sclerosis, rhematoid arthritis, Hodgkins disease, pancreatitis, prostatitis, hepatites and many other diseases. Of special interest are numerous reports on successful treatment of cancer diseases. More in detail about this method:
http://www.rt66.com/~rifetech/ or http://www.rife.de/ Method of Rife-Bare is based on application of the modulated high-frequency radiation which source is special gas-discharge tube. The electronic equipment for excitation of the charge and its modulation is made in the USA, for example
http://www.flinet.com/~vibrnthealh/ The enterprise “Econika” has contracts with a number of manufacturers in the USA on delivery of this equipment to territories of the CIS.
All types of plasma tubes have successfully been tested for therapeutic suitability in laboratory
Dr. Bare
Additional information on delivery of lamps and devices for therapy by the method of Rife – Bare by ph. in Odessa +38(048) 717-98-72


Big autohemotherapy

Blood is taken in a patient like in usual autohemotherapy.
After treatment with ozone-oxygen mixture the blood is introduced into the patients vein

Infectious diseases, neurologic disorders, hypoxic conditions, stomach ulcer, hepatites, diabetes, pneumonia, tuberculosis.

2 Small autohemotherapy

In a syringe of 20 ml with ozone-oxygen mixture10-15 ml of blood is taken from the vein, it mixes up accurately and introduced intramuscularly

Hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, gastritis, gastroduodenitis

3 Infusions ozonized physiological solution (OPS)

Physiological solution is saturated with ozone-oxygen mixture up to necessary concentration and introduced intravenously

Cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, gastroenteric diseases, infectious diseases, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, pyelonephritis

4 Rectal insufflation

Ozone-oxygen mixture in the amount of 50-1000 ml is introduced into the rectum of the patient.

Cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory processes in the intestines, peritonitis, cancer, abscesses, phlegmons, colitis, hepatites
5 Ozonized distilled water

Distilled water is treated with ozone-oxygen mixture and is used for intake, various washings, rinsings of the oral cavity.

Gastritis, gastroenteric diseases, peritonitis, abscesses, wounds, ulcers, gynecologic diseases, stomatology
6 Ozonoreflekso-therapy

Ozone-oxygen mixture is inroduced into the acupuncture points

Neurologic disorders, cosmetology
7 Ozonized oil

Well purified oil is ozonized and used for intake and applications

Ulcers of the stomach and duodenum
Skin diseases, inflammatory diseases of the lower part of sexual ways, cosmetic defects, burns, wounds
8 Gassing by the ozone-oxygen mixture

The affected extremity is moistened, the plastic bag in which ozone-oxygen mixture is delivered is put on.

Thrombophlebitises, fractures, trophic ulcers, wounds, fistulas, obliteratingendarteriitis, furuncules, burns

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