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Ozone therapy: experiences in critically ill patients

Turrent J.1 and MenГ©ndez S.2. 1″Cira GarcГ­a” Central Clinic, Cuba. 2Ozone Research Center, Cuba. ABSTRACT Ozone therapy is presented like an alternative therapy in critically ill patients. After ozone therapy, an improvement in the hemodynamic parameters with an increase in tissue oxygenation were demonstrated. No modifications in the cardiac output were reported. A modulating effect…
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Ozone prophylactic effect and antibiotics as a modulator of inflamatory septic process in rats

Zamora Z.B.1, MenГ©ndez S.1, Bette M.2, Mutters R.3, Hoffmann S.4 and Schulz S.4. 1Ozone Research Center, Cuba. 2Institute of Anatomy Celular and Molecular Biology, University od Marburg, Germany. 3Intitute of Microbiology, University od Marburg, Germany. 4Institute of Animals Laboratory, University od Marburg, Germany. 192 Wistar male rats (180 – 200 g) were used to evaluate…
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Ischemic and ozone oxidative preconditioning in the protection against hepatic ischemic-reperfusion injury

.Ajamieh H.H.1, Men????ndez S.2, Merino N.1, Sam S.1, Le??n O.S.1. 1Center of Research and Biological Evaluations. Food Pharmacy Institute. Havana University, Cuba. 2Ozone Research Center,Cuba???????????????????? It has been demonstrated that ozone, probably by means of an oxidative preconditioning (OP) mechanism, protected the liver against the damage mediated by reactive oxygen species. Taking into account that…
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Modeling hydrodynamics and estimation of design paramet one bubble column

Bataller M., Veliz E., Lodos D., Fernandez L.A. and Alvarez C. Ozone Research Center, Cuba. The hydrodynamics study was conducted in a bubble column of a pilot plant. The proposed model considers the bubble column as the combination of a series of N equally sized CSTRs and a CSTR with a different sized respect to…
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Immune system changes in inflamatory process during ozone therapy applications

I. Corcho, F. HernГЎndez, N. Reyes, A. Carballo, T. Reyes1, L. Yanez1. Ozone Research Center, Cuba. 1Betera Laboratory, Cuba. The aim of this study was to asses the effect of ozone therapy on lymphocyte subpopulations CD3, CD4+, CD8+, leukocyte function CD45, HLA-DR molecule expression in the peripheral blood and the serum levels of IgE in…
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ModelaciГіn HidrodinГЎmica y EstimaciГіn de ParГЎmetros de Ozono en Columna de Burbujeo

M. Bataller, E. Veliz, D. Lodos y C. Alvarez Centro de Investigaciones del Ozono El impacto del diseГ±o de reactores ha convertido esta actividad de importancia fundamental para la eficiencia del proceso de ozonizaciГіn. El objetivo de este trabajo es el estudio hidrodinГЎmico del flujo de agua en una columna de burbujeo, para evaluar y…
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Ozone in dermatology: myth or reality

S.L.Krivatkin, E.V.Krivatkina Nizhny Novgorod, Russia The use of medical ozone in the treatment of human diseases has more than 80 year history. Ozonetherapy is actively used in Europe (Austria, Germany, Italy, Russia, France, Switzerland etc) as well as in Latin America (on Cuba and in Brazil), great interest to this method is shown in USA.…
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Ozone therapy in cosmetology

I. Goltseva salon “Something different”, Nizhny Novgorod The progress of today medical science is oriented to development of new technologies allowing not only highly effective treating diseases, but also preventing them, increasing the vital potential of the organism. One of such progressive approaches is ozone therapy. It has a wide range of action in surgery,…
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Application forms for ozone/oxygen mixtures in viral diseases such as hepatitis and herpes

Hartmut Oorstewitz HD ABSTRACT One of the most important indications in treatment with ozone /oxygen mixtures is that involving forms of viral hepatitis (A, B, nonA and nonB in their acute and chronic progression forms respectively) and herpes diseases. In view of the fact that no safe and effective antiviral treatment is known up till…
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Infection control by ozonizing –aspects of medical hygiene

C. Beck, A. Filippi and F. Tilkes. Institute of Hygiene, University of Giessen (Justus-liebig-Universltet), FR Germany ABSTRACT General and particular aspects of infection control are presented and discussed. Water hygiene in the form of disinfecting drinking mater – whirlpools – and water for swimming pools and the practice of ozonization, in dental treatment units are…
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