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Econika Medical Engineering

Saloons of ozone therapy

The requirements to the rooms of ozone therapy and the organization of carrying out ozone therapeutic procedures Are developed on the basis of: Sanitary rules and norms required for procedure rooms Operating orders on observance of sanitary-antiepidemic mode in carrying out the procedures. Rules of technical safety for operation of electroinstallations, the vessels working under…
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Painless treatment of cellulite

See a clip on a new method of painless treatment of cellulitis and removal of hypodermic fatty tissue by a method of combined actions of a microcurrent, cold and medical ozone. Ozone therapy of cellulitis with the application of the new device “Bozon-SNEG-3”. The automated ozone installation of the type “BOZON” by results of the…
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Infection control by ozonizing –aspects of medical hygiene

C. Beck, A. Filippi and F. Tilkes. Institute of Hygiene, University of Giessen (Justus-liebig-Universltet), FR Germany ABSTRACT General and particular aspects of infection control are presented and discussed. Water hygiene in the form of disinfecting drinking mater – whirlpools – and water for swimming pools and the practice of ozonization, in dental treatment units are…
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Nonconventional medicine

Bioresonance therapy by method of Raif-Bare Resonant therapy by the method of Rife-Bare is successfully applied in many countries of the world for treatment of some diseases including multiple sclerosis, rhematoid arthritis, Hodgkins disease, pancreatitis, prostatitis, hepatites and many other diseases. Of special interest are numerous reports on successful treatment of cancer diseases. More in…
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General methods of ozonetherapy

1 Big autohemotherapy Blood is taken in a patient like in usual autohemotherapy. After treatment with ozone-oxygen mixture the blood is introduced into the patients vein Infectious diseases, neurologic disorders, hypoxic conditions, stomach ulcer, hepatites, diabetes, pneumonia, tuberculosis. 2 Small autohemotherapy In a syringe of 20 ml with ozone-oxygen mixture10-15 ml of blood is taken…
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From April 16 till April 21, 2007 the All-Ukrainian Association of ozone therapists and manufacturers of the medical equipment for ozone therapy together with Odessa state medical university have run training courses “Bases of ozone therapy ” within the cycle of thematic training.


On August 24 and 25, 2006 the Asiatic-European association of ozone therapists and manufacturers of equipment for ozone therapy holds I scientific-practical conference “Ozone in biology and medicine”. From 28 till April 30, 2006 III Ukrainian-Russian scientific-practical conference with the international participation “Ozone in biology and medicine” has taken place in Sevastopol. 152 participants from…
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