Korotayeva V.A.

Thesis for a candidate scientific degree by speciality 14.01.33 Kurortology and physiotherapy. Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute for Medical Rehabilitation and Kurortology, Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Odessa, 2007.

The dissertation is devoted to development of new approach in treatment of patients with essential arterial hypertension, which based on the complex application of medicinal, ozone therapy and electric sleep as a method of the electrotherapy. The complex rehabilitation treatment possesses the antihypertensive effect decreasing the pharmacological therapy and events of undesirable actions, one positively influences on the systolic and diastolic function of left ventricle rendering the cardiac reparation processes, one has to increasing the power of physical loads in average on 24%, the correction of lipoperoxidative processes increasing the antioxidative activity, one declines the concentration of adrenalin and noradrenalin in blood, the content of intracellular calcium, diminishing events of hypertensive crises on 17% and repeated hospitalizations on 20% by comparison to the group of placebo and decreases the medicinal loading.

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