Klohcko V.V.

The dissertation to get the scientific degree for the candidate of Medical Sciences in the specialty 14.01.33 – Rehabilitation medicine, Physiotherapy and Balneology. – Ukrainian scientific research institute of medial rehabilitation and balneology. Odessa, 2010.

New approaches in treatment of patient with hypertensive illness with isolated systolic arterial hypertension at the elderly age, based on using together with medicamentous therapy of ozonotherapy and low-frequency magnetotherapy were developed. 160 patients with hypertensive disease of the I-II degree with isolated systolic arterial hypertension taking intoaccount a condition of endothelium, structural and mechanical properties of a vascular wall, structure-geometrical, mass, functional and electrophysiologic indices of heart were examined. It was established, that ozonotherapy had antihypertensive action, contributed the decrease in medicamentous load, correction of endothelial dysfunction, improvement of elastic properties of aorta, regression of arterial wall pathologic change and pathological cardiomodelling. Low-frequency magnetotherapy favorably influences the indices of arterial pressure, structure-geometrical, mass, functional and electrophysiologic indices of heart. Including ozonotherapy into the complex restorative therapy of the specified contingent of patients increases antihypertensive, angioprotective and cardioprotective efficiency of therapy. Due to the absence of endothelial dysfunction, the presence of contra-indications to ozonotherapy or to the development of side-effect with goal of enhancing antihypertensive efficiency and cardioprotection the specified contingent is indicated the including into the complex restorative treatment with low-frequency magnetotherapy. Repeated courses of ozonotherapy promote the support for achieved indices and can be recommended not rarely as once for six months.

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