Madrid, 18/02/2016

Dear Dr. Eugene Nazarov

Whereas, you has made significant contributions in ozone science,particularly in the field of  Devise, and you has authored / co-authored peer reviewed articles in ozone science and related technologies. The ISCO3 members are proud to release the honorary diploma: ad hock External Expert of the ISCO3 for the period 2015-2020.

We hope to count with your expert leader opinion to contribute to improve the efforts of the ISCO3 members to diffuse the practice of ozone therapy based on the Good Clinical Practice and the global Guide line “Madrid Declaration in Ozone Therapy.  


Dr. Vellio Bocci

Honorary President, ISCO3


Dr. Gregorio Mart?nez S?nchez

Elected President ISCO3 2015-2020


Dr. Fadi Sabbah

Elected Vice-President ISCO3 2015-2020


Dra. Adriana Schwartz

Elected Secretary ISCO3 2015-2020

New version of "Information help system for ozone therapists" is in testing state!

New version will be available on the 1-th of July