Архив Сентябрь 2013

The device is made in the outdoor version. Procedure parameters are set and displayed, with a color touch screen. Installation Bozon-N-Cosmo. Represents device Bozon-N integrated with independent an oxygen source (the oxygen concentrator) supplied with specially developed filter of finishing clearing of oxygen. The independent source of oxygen allows to receive 96 % oxygen (4 % inert gas – argon) the maintenance of dust particles less than 10 mikrogramm/cubic metre, humidity near minus 15 degrees of Celsius (dew-point), nitrogen of 0.5 %, CO2<0.1 % The device allows the ozone procedures vacuum massage. A set of four special glass nozzle can handle all sizes of problem areas of the body. Stepless adjustment of the vacuum is adjusted individually depending on the threshold of sensitivity of the patient. Considering this unit is an ideal choice for beauty centers. An additional feature of the module – ozone suction mode with a bag in cases of external applications of ozone.

Price:6500 $.

New version of "Information help system for ozone therapists" is in testing state!

New version will be available on the 1-th of July