Архив Июль 2013

Dr.Richter – pioner of EBOO treatment in Latin America.


Installation Bozon-N-SO.
Represents device Bozon-N integrated with independent an oxygen source (the oxygen concentrator) supplied with specially developed filter of finishing clearing of oxygen.The independent source of oxygen allows to receive 96% oxygen (4% inert gas – argon) the maintenance of dust particles less than 10 mikrogramm/cubic metre, humidity – 15 degrees of Celsius (dew-point), nitrogen of 0.5 %, CO2 <0.1 %.
Price: 5700$

Bozon-N-EBOO. The new development of SPE Econika allows make procedure EBOO in the two methods.

1) Ozonation of blood oxygenation and is carried in a special glass rotary-film contactor. total 60-minute procedure is pumped 3-6 liters of blood. In this case there is a contact 120 square meters of film of blood with ozone.
2) The oxigenathion of blood is carried in a standard litter for hemodialysts, and ozonathion.
Blood is made by mixing the blood with ozonized saline solution in a special mixer. In addition, the physician is able to carry out the procedure of plasmapheresis with oxygenation of blood.

Price 21950 $

Site http://ozoneprotocols.org have already began work.


System “O3 navigator” is implemented as a web service for medical ozone therapists.
This assures users that they will always work with the latest version of the software and reference data, and removes them problems of preservation of information.

System “O3 navigator” allows you to:

  • automate work with protocols
  • automate work with patients
  • online chat between all users of the system
  • access to an extensive library of literature on ozone therapy

New version of "Information help system for ozone therapists" is in testing state!

New version will be available on the 1-th of July