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The concentration ozone in gas automatically adjusted within 0.5-99.9 mg/L, the speed of a stream of gas is automatically adjusted within 0.2 — 1.0 L/min.It is applied to dispensing ozone-oxygen mixture in syringes, carrying out of procedures of MAHT, preparations ozonized saline solution, the ozonized distilled water and preparation of the ozonized oil.The generator can be delivered complete with the special concentrator of the highest clearing of oxygen. Installation use Bozon-N -SO, allows to you to work without oxygen cylinders.
Price: 3200 $

The unit is designed to work with the dental attachment for
gas processing and fissures of the tooth, tooth caries lesions, root canal disinfection in the
treatment of angular hielitis and periodontal disease. This mode is used for the production of ozone
oxygen container with built-in Settings range of ozone concentrations 4-40 mg / liter.
The unit provides preparation of ozonized distilled water, which is used for drinking, sanitation oral channels,
to increase local immunity, to relieve inflammation of the gums and periodontal after dental operations
to prevent sores. This mode is used for the production of ozone oxygen with built- in containerplants or
from the air. Special module provides sterilization of medical instruments. This mode is used for
the production of ozone oxygen with built-in container plants or from the air.
In the sanitation and disinfection of workplace air of a dentist during an intense
emission of harmful substances.
Price: 2400$


22-24 MART 2013,
Emsey Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey.

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S.P.Pol`ova , O.M.Rotar
Bukovinian State Medical University (Chernivtsi)

The paper studies the effect of local ozone therapy on the intensity of systemic and local proteolysis in women with chronic inflammatory diseases of the uterine appendages who were applied the laparoscopic method of diagnostics and treatment. It has been found out that the blood plasma proteolytic activity enhances in women with a chronic inflammation of the genitals at the expense of an elevated intensity of the lysis of low- and high molecular weight proteins. The use of ozone therapy in holiatry diminishes and normalizes a plasmatic and proteolytic breakdown of low- and high molecular weight proteins, the latter being conducive to a speedier recovery of patients.

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S.P.Pol`ova , O.M.Rotar
Bukovinian State Medical University (Chernivtsi)

The data of complex therapy of chronic inflammatory diseases of adnexa of women’s genitals with the application of ozone therapy are given in the article. The positive influence of ozonetherapy on the intensity of plasmic local fibrinolysis with women having chronic inflammatory diseases of internal genitals is illustrated. It has been ascertained that the high fermentative fibrinolytic activity conditioned by ozone provides lyses of sediment of fibrin and prevents from the formation of adhesions and fibrogenesis in adnexa of vagina.

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Ukrainian Research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Balneology. Odessa
The paper deals with the results of treating 58 women with benign diseases of the neck of the uterus, employing the methods of ozonotherapy, low-frequency ultrasound therapy and phonophoresis of the alloe vera medication.
It has been ascertained that topical ozono- and physiotherapy improves the microecology of the vagina and neck of the uterus and also intensifies the processes of epithelization.

Klinichna anatomiya ta operativna khirurgiya 5(N03): 16-19, 2006. (Written in Russian)>>>>

Slavcho Rakovsky1 and Gennady Zaikov2
1 Institute of Catalysis, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 1113 Sofia
2 Institute of Biochemical Physics, 117 334 Moscow, Russia; chembio@sky.chph.ras.ru

This review deals with the application of ozone in medicine, its effects on the human organism and its use as a therapeutic approach and sterilizing agent.
A particular attention is paid to the therapeutic properties, therapeutic dosage and scope of application.
Some mechanisms of the ozone effect at exposure on different organs and systems in human body are also considered.
Ozone toxicity is reviewed. The ozone use as a sterilizing agent in the pharmaceutical industry and cosmetics, as well as in the food processing industry is discussed.

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A.O. Avramenko, T.M. Yblonskay, R.N. Korolenko, A. I. Gozenko.
It has been comprehensively examined 50 patients with chronic neatrophic gastritis. The patients were divided into two groups: group 1 (25) was treated with eradication of H. pylori infection schemes, including de-nol and 2antibiotics, in conjunction with ozone therapy, group 2 (25 people) received only medical treatment using the same schemes of eradication. It was found that patients first group eradication rate was significantly (p <0.05) higher than the second patient group.

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Bukovinian State Medical University (Chernivtsi)

Abstract. Use of intravenous ozone therapy reduces the level of endogenous intoxication, prevents the progression of
secondary infection in postoperative wound stimulation local nonspecific protection and allows to significantly reduce the
length of stay of patients in a hospital bed with a socio-medical significance.

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