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Complex treatment of ischemical and gangrenous form of diabetic foot patients.


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L. H. Kravchenko, R. M. Papinko, L. P. Bas

This research is devoted to the actual problem of modern pediatrics ??” prophylaxis of recurrent respiratory diseases. The study was held on 70 children with the frequent recurrent respiratory diseases in the dynamics. The high therapeutic efficiency of prophylactic complex with the inclusion of pelotherapy and ozontherapy has been shown.

The efficacy of medical prophylactic complex was proved with account of the indexes of odds ratio, hazard ratio, and reduction of relative risk.

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V. P. Polyovy S. U. Karateyeva
Bukovinian State Medical Univercity (Chernivtsi)
Clin. and experim. pathol.- 2010.-Vol.9, N3 (33).-P.75-77.

The usage of intravenous ozonotherapy with individual adjustment of ozone dosage depending on severity of the course of indicated pathology by ymphocytotoxic test in patients with pancreatic diabetes and pyoinflammatory complications except traditional treatment results in inhibition of extension of pyonecrotic focus on the 3-rd day.

The development of the granulation tissue in the wound and marginal epytelization occurs on the 6th-8th day of the hospital stay of the patients according to the blood sugar level and the reduction of the period of the hospital stay of the patients on the 3-5 days in comparison with the control group.

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V. Zaremba, A. Mys’kiv, A. Novosad, I. Bychkivs’ky, V. Filyus’

It are represented results of the comprehensive treatment of 32 patients with second type diabetes mellitus, complicated diabetic foot (ischemic or mixed form) with purulent-necrotic lesion.

32 patients got ozone therapy in a complex with corvitin against the backround of standard treatment. 30 patients served as control, they were matched by the character of pathology. Conducted complex treatment with ozone therapy and corvitin usage permitted to save, on the average, foot rest in the cases of 71,9% patients, percentage of high amputation made up 18,8%, postoperational lethality -9,4%, while after standard therapy results were 60,0%, 26,7% and 13,3% conformably.

Usage of ozone therapy together with corvitin against the backround of conservative treatment of patients who suffered from ischemic and mixed forms of diabetes mellitus foot syndrome favored the normalization of endothelial function and ascension of carbohydrate interchange, that is proved by the reduction of glucose index, glucosiled haemoglobin and in the blood, increasing of level of shoulder artery.

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Buk. Med. Herald. -2007. -Vol.11, N1. -P.88-91

The positive clinical aftereffects of using this mode of treatment in case of an ischemic-gangrenous form of the course of this disease have been confirmed on the basis of an analysis of clinical observations of employing durable intra-arterial ozonotherapy in 105 patients with “diabetic foot syndrome”.

A endency towards a decline of the level of hyperglycemia has been established in the patients of the basic group compared with the control one where a traditional treatment mode was instituted. The study of ultra structural changes of wound macrophages in the focus of inflammatory process carried out by the authors has corroborated the stimulating effect of ozonotherapy on the functional activity of these cells.

When using this treatment mode, a positive regulation of local homeostasis on the accomplishment of the inflammatory (exudative) phase of the wound process was proved.

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Tsaryuk Yu.S.
- Manuscript.
Dissertation on gaining of scientific degree of candidate of medical sciences in speciality 14.01.03
- Surgery – Vinnytsya National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Ukrainian Ministry of Public Health. – Vinnytsya, 2007.

Dissertation is devoted to the decision of actual scientific task in industry of surgery to the improvement of results of medical treatment of patients with the ischemic-gangrenous form of syndrome of foot of diabetic on the basis of application of regional prolonged endarterial ozonotherapy and local ozonization of the staggered area.

By electronic-microscopic researches the role of allotropic form of oxygen is set as a stimulant factor of functional activity of macrophage. Stimulation of functional activity of macrophage under act of ozone, and also presence of destructive changes in these cages without the necrotic damages can be explained by the inclusion of mechanism of apoptosis, as a positive factor in adjusting of local homeostasis on completion of inflammatory phase of wound process.

Application of regional prolonged endarterial ozonotherapy and local ozonization of hearth of defeat in complex medical treatment of patients with the ischemic-gangrenous form of diabetic foot syndrome is instrumental in the reliable shortening of terms of healing of wounds and to decrease the quantity of “high amputations” from 8,6 to 3,8 %.

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R.M. Papinko

The problem of therapy and prophylaxis of frequent respiratory diseases in children is actual now. Inhalation ozon therapy efficiency in the complex treatment of children with high incidence of respiratory diseases shownin this research.

Topical antiinflammatory immunomodulatory effect of the conducted therapy on the indexes of cytological composition and phagocytal activity of the sputum, the parameters of exhalent air condensate is repored.

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Nazarov E.I., Konovalova V.S. , Gluhenkaya T.A. Vongay V.G.

Shown that the main effect of adaptogenic xenon therapy is the selective increase lymphocytes in the blood. Leukocyte reduction of tension is transient and can not be used for longterm correction of tension adaptive response.

Ozone is a complex adaptive response correction, including correction of leukocyte counts, reactivity and psychosomatic condition.

The combined use of xenon and ozone correction of non specific adaptation
system is recommended in lymphopenia.

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