Архив Май 2010

6 – 8 of May 2010, Odessa, hotel “Londonslaya” conference hall.
IV the Asian-European conference “Ozone in biology and medicine”.
150 listeners have taken part in conference work from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Moldova, Germany, Egypt, Spain, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Turkey and Finland that testifies to steady expansion of geography of use of a method Ozone therapy. The presentations presented by participants have shown high efficiency of application Ozone therapy in various spheres of medicine; new techniques and technologies of practical application of ozone in medicine also have been presented. Achievements of the Russian and Ukrainian schools Ozone therapy have highly appreciated by representatives of this direction from other countries, present on conference.

Conference presidium, on a photo (at the left on the right): dr. Mariano Gutierrez Dandridge (Mexico),G. A. Metelskiy (President of the Belorussian association of ozone therapists), E. V. Zhurbenko (President of the Lithuanian association of ozone therapists), prof. N. Luleci (President Turkish association of ozone medicine), prof. M. N. Mamsouf (President Egyptian Society for Ozone Therapy and Complementary Medicine), prof. E. I. Nazarov (Executive President of the Asian- European Union of Ozone Therapists and Producers of the Medical Equipment), V.Ya Zaitsev (General Director of the Limited company Medozon, Moscow, Russia),

Conference presidium, on a photo (at the left on the right): V.Ya Zaitsev (General Director of the Limited company “Medozon”, Moscow, Russia), dr. A. Schwartz (President Spanish Assotiation of medical in ozone therapy), prof. K. N. Kontorschikova (State medical academy, Nijniy Novgorod, Russia), prof. S. P. Peretyagin (??hairman of the association of the Russian ozone therapists), dr. A.V. Bulat (President of the Moldavian association of ozone therapists), dr. Kiran Kaur Gurdial Singh, (Malaysia)


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