Архив Февраль 2010

Lecture about theoretical bases ozonetherapy at office of Malaysian association of ozonetherapists.

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Only a few days ago a colleague sent us your letter and, in order to eliminate doubts worrying several ozonetherapists, we are glad to answer the issues raised in your letter. This is now more important than ever because, after two decades of intensive work spent on clarifying the mechanisms of action of ozone in Biology and Medicine, there are now some methodological approaches invented for minimizing work that are going to jeopardize the future and acceptance of ozonetherapy within the realm of orthodox medicine. We are still struggling to prove the validity of this approach with the Food and Drug Administration (USA), that is the fundamental first step that possibly will allow the acceptance by National Health Authorities in many countries. If the Russian’s proposal of simplified and quick methods will take roots, ozonetherapy, not only will be never accepted but it will degenerate in a practice only useful for quacks , who already are too abundant.


Dear Professor Bocci,

Allow me to continue the discussion, which took place at the conference in Istanbul. It seems to me that some important questions, which you put for the consideration to the congress, were not considered in sufficient details. Allow me to return to them again, in order to express the position of the Russian school of ozone therapy.


New version of "Information help system for ozone therapists" is in testing state!

New version will be available on the 1-th of July