Buk. Med. Herald. -2007. -Vol.11, N1. -P.88-91

The positive clinical aftereffects of using this mode of treatment in case of an ischemic-gangrenous form of the course of this disease have been confirmed on the basis of an analysis of clinical observations of employing durable intra-arterial ozonotherapy in 105 patients with “diabetic foot syndrome”.

A endency towards a decline of the level of hyperglycemia has been established in the patients of the basic group compared with the control one where a traditional treatment mode was instituted. The study of ultra structural changes of wound macrophages in the focus of inflammatory process carried out by the authors has corroborated the stimulating effect of ozonotherapy on the functional activity of these cells.

When using this treatment mode, a positive regulation of local homeostasis on the accomplishment of the inflammatory (exudative) phase of the wound process was proved.

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